Privacy and Trust in the Digital Society
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PrivaSense advises clients in both the profit and non-profit sector. Our clients range from large European and US multinationals to small and medium size enterprises, non-profits and (semi)government organizations. Below you find a few examples of our projects: 
► Executing privacy risk assessments and providing compliance advice on the global HR redesign project of a large multinational.

Assessment of the privacy aspects of a data center outsourcing project.

Developing a Privacy & Data Protection Self Assessment Tool for a multinational company in the energy sector.

Developing a sector Privacy Code of Conduct for smart meters.

► Coaching the global privacy manager of a European multinational.

Developing a privacy education program for a non-profit organization.

Executing a privacy risk assessment on a business information warehouse and HR reporting tool.

Developing a privacy training program for the compliance officers of a European multinational.

► Drafting a second opinion on the new Dutch cookie law.

Providing privacy training to the European privacy officers of a US multinational.
Supporting the Security, Risk and Compliance manager of an IT-organization in privacy and data protection compliance management.

Providing privacy compliance and risk training to an IT purchasing function.

Leading a seminar about the privacy aspects of a new technology.

Supporting the Government Relations department of an American multinational in the lobbying on the new European Data Protection Regulation.